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From an injured knee to a healthy Spinning business, and how it all started…

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Neil always enjoyed fitness but didn’t really get serious until he sustained a knee injury and started putting on some unwanted weight. Following an invite to a spinning class, he soon started to get into shape and could see the benefits of spinning. 

“I was a little apprehensive about going to a Spinning class, as my knee injury didn’t allow me to do anything. I had also seen Spinning on the TV and it looked pretty intense. But, I was assured that cycling would help my injury and the intensity of the class was down to me.”

Following his first class, Neil was hooked. He couldn’t believe he had been riding for 45 minutes, the music and the atmosphere were great. The thought of a high-intensity workout faded as he realised that Spinning was for all levels of fitness, and not as insane as he had first imagined.

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“I loved the classes, the people were amazing and the music really helped to create a great vibe. After just a few classes I could really feel the difference, and I was starting to push myself.”

This was the start of Neil’s newfound passion, he had found his fitness and had found his community. He then went on to buy the business and has never looked back! His knee injury became a distant memory and the benefits of spinning enabled him to complete a range of Marathons, Olympic Triathlons, and 3 Iron Man Triathlons!

As with all business, it helps if you’re doing something you love. This not only helps you, but it also helps your clients to enjoy themselves.

Neil owner of Spinergy Group Cycling Torquay

When I met with Neil in 2016 he had been enjoying his Spinning for over 10 years. He was renting two rooms from a local gym, and everything was going well, except he didn’t seem to have a moment to himself.

Whilst we were chatting his phone was constantly on the go as he tried to manage booking requests, cancellations, and enquiries. This was normal for Neil, and whilst this was early in the day, he went on to tell me that it was even busier in the evenings. It was then, that I had the eureka moment, and GO Retrieve was born.

We worked closely with Neil to create a system that would take care of all his bookings and would allow customers to pay for his classes online. As we developed GO Retrieve we tackled the different parts of Neil’s business that took up most of his time, and on January 1st 2017 we switched it on.

In the first 72 hours GO Retrieve processed it’s first 93 secure payments and just over 1,000 bookings.

We continued to work with Neil to improve the system and it was great to hear that it was giving him his time back. Neil couldn’t believe it, his phone was falling silent and he was starting to relax and enjoy his business and his family life.

Later that year Neil moved out of his rented rooms and purchased his own dedicated Spinning Studio, installing mood lighting, air conditioning, a sound system, and of course, his bikes.

His classes are always bustling, full of energy, and full of fun. He maintains the core principles of his first classes, and he always welcomes new riders.

“It’s important to take the time to show new riders how the bikes work, I always remember that feeling when I first started, and the thought of Spinning being super intense. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and when you explain how the bikes work, new riders feel at ease and really enjoy themselves.”

Spinergy Custom Branded App

Today, Neil still manages his business using GO Retrieve and it’s always a pleasure to meet with him and to hear how happy he is. Now when we meet he’s only using his phone to promote new classes and events through his Custom Branded App, which is a new feature that we launched last year.

“My customers love downloading our custom branded App from the App Store, they find it really easy to use and the automated class reminders are great. I can honestly say that I can’t believe how much GO Retrieve has helped me and my business, and I highly recommend them to anybody who owns a fitness business.”

If you would like to find out how GO Retrieve can help your business, you can call us on 01803 364040, or you can complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Lee Wilson - Co-founder of GO Retrieve
Lee Wilson
Managing Director
Tel: 01803 364040

Lee co-founded GO Retrieve in 2016. He is the Managing Director and principle visionary, with a passion and drive to help fitness professionals to grow their business and free their time.

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