The Rise of “Near Me” Searches

Google’s Consumer Insights has reported a 900%+ increase in “near me tonight/today” searches in the past two years, and here’s how you can take advantage of this…

The Rise of Near Me Searches

In the past few years, “Near me” searches have seen exponential growth, with a 150% increase in “near me now” phrases such as “fitness classes near me”. A staggering 900% increase in “near me tonight/today” phrases, such as “yoga near me tonight” and a 200% increase in “now” + “near me” phrases, such as “spinning classes near me now”.

Over the past 2 years, Google has reported an impressive growth in “near me” searches, attributing its success to the increase in mobile search results. With mobile devices providing location referencing, their ability to pull location data gives reliable “near me” results. According to Think With Google, 76% of local mobile searches, for something ‘nearby’, result in a same-day in-store visit.

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So, how can you Optimise for “Near Me” searches?
Optimising your business for “Near me” searches is extremely crucial to increase your business presence in local search, and to get you started we thought we would let you know our top 3 tips.

1. Online Business Listing – Google My Business
No matter how many locations your business operates from, online business listings are one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. According to a study conducted by the Local Search Association, around $10.3 billion worth of potential annual sales are lost due to wrong, missing, or incomplete local business information.

So, if you haven’t already got yourself listed on Google, do it now! It’s quick, easy, and it’s free to do. List your business on “Google My Business” and optimise it. If you’re already on Google My Business, have a check that everything is up to date and add to it…

1) Make sure to add your complete business name and address
2) Add directions to reach your business using Google Maps.
3) Add your business hours, phone number, and website
4) Include your business in the correct category, and be as specific as you can
5) Add photos of your business and the services that you offer
6) Ask people to leave reviews on your Business Page
7) Make sure your name, address, and phone number remain constant across your all of your online profiles, including social media

2. Get Reviews and respond to them
Another vital piece of your SEO strategy is your reviews and how you respond to them. We all take notice of other people’s experiences, whether the service worked for them, how friendly the staff were, how motivated they felt etc. These reviews are read by other potential clients, and will go a long way in helping them to decide on your business over another. Now, we all know that you can’t please all the people, all of the time, but how you handle a bad review is just as important. Always be polite and understanding, learn from the feedback and take action to stop it from happening again, it all helps you to build a stronger business that customers will keep returning to.

3. Social Media
Social media provides a dynamic snapshot of your business, what you do, what you have to offer, and what to expect. It is a great way to talk directly to your customer, and to build your brand. 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to friends and family. Actively posting and engaging with customers on your social media platform is one of the best ways to build wide reaching brand loyalty. Post engaging pictures and video to really show how awesome your business is, this is the first place a potential client will research you online! AND, whilst they are there, don’t lose them, give them a quick and easy way to signup and book their first class with GO Retrieve 🙂

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