Take it easy this January

January, the time for all those New Year’s resolutions and the ‘New Year, New me’, but are you ready for this January’s rush of new members?

Beat the January rush with GO Retrieve

Are you a Personal Fitness Trainer, own your own Studio or manage your own Gym?

It may sound silly, but are you dreading all of those New Year booking text, phone calls, and enquiries? Well, dread no more, we have the right solution for you! Prepare yourself, sit tight, you know whats coming, all you need is your own Booking, Payment and Management System… and that’s where we can help!

GO Retrieve will make your January stress-free. Take all of your bookings and payments online, any-time, anywhere! Give your client’s the control to book onto your Classes, Workshops and Appointments online, wherever and wherever they may be… give your client’s the booking system they deserve.

GO Retrieve will enhance your business experience and could help your business get to the next level. By using the GO Retrieve ‘Reports’ feature you will be able to plan your growth and successfully manage all of your clients and your business quickly and easily. Stop wasting your time filling out paperwork, chasing payments and responding to booking requests, and start living!

At GO Retrieve we are dedicated to your success, we provide 1-2-1 training and offer ongoing support to ensure that you get the most out of your management system.

Get ready for the January rush, get ready with GO Retrieve!

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