Marketing your fitness studio for a busy 2020

How to market your fitness studio for a healthy 2020…

5 ways to market your fitness studio for a healthy 2020

You may be busy now and feel you don’t have the time, but this is when you can really make a difference for the rest of the year. Marketing doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.

You may have your own opinions on why clients should migrate to your fitness studio. It may be the range of fitness classes you offer, the location of your studio, the equipment you use, your unique services, competitive pricing, or it may be your super friendly professional staff. This is all great stuff, but remember, if nobody knows you exist, they won’t come a knocking on your door!

Marketing your fitness studio is not only the key to attracting new clients, but it’s also the key to build and maintain the ones you already have. Effective marketing can create a vibrant community that makes people feel a part of something special. Over the years we have seen some awesome growth strategies from a variety of fitness professionals and marketing specialists, here are our top 5…

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1. SEO and the power of ‘near me search’

If you have a website then you need to make it work for you. Your website is your 24-hour fitness studio brochure. It not only needs to look good, but it needs to be functional. After all, with 76% of near me searches resulting in a same-day-visit, if your SEO isn’t working, you could be missing out. Make sure you keep your website up to date, create your own blog, upload photos, and add a ‘book now’ button to your menu. Your website needs to provide a seamless flow from initial enquiry to first booking.

2. Retargeting and lookalike ads on Facebook

No matter how big or small your fitness studio is, every penny counts. And when it comes to marketing your business, you need to ensure you get a return on your investment. Organic posts or the posts you put up on a daily basis will only get you so far. After all, Facebook is a business and does need to make a profit.

To expand your reach you’re going to need to spend a little money, and to make the most of the money you spend, you need to do it wisely. This is where ‘retargeting’, the ability to advertise to people who have already shown an interest in your fitness studio, and ‘lookalike audiences’, Facebooks ability to understand your current customers and serve your ads to similar people, comes into its own. Using GO Retrieve and Facebook to keep your spend low and your return high couldn’t be simpler, to find out how just check out our Facebook Pixel post

3. The miracle of the referral

Nothing sells your fitness studio quite like a referral. A referral is your customers stamp of approval, and when a friend recommends your fitness studio, their friends will listen. Take the time to create your own referral program, you can either use a referral reward program or use ‘bring a friend’ days. Your custom branded App is a great way to reach all of your members. Use a personalised ‘bring a friend’ message, advertise events, open days and introduction classes.

4. From interest to new customer

Make your customer journey seamless and uninterrupted. There’s a reason people buy from you when you talk to them, you have their attention and can complete the paperwork there and then. If you allow them to walk away, they’ll think about it, and then forget about it. You have so much to offer and you know your services will make a huge difference to their lives in a positive way. Use your Facebook page and website to sell your services and give them instant access to your custom branded Apps or your online scheduling software.

When a customer signs up using either your custom branded App or online scheduling software by GO Retrieve, they get their own profile where you can track their visits, offer promotions, and remarket to them. Paying and booking for your services couldn’t be simpler.

5. Keeping in front of your customers

Marketing to new customers is only one part of the jigsaw, to maintain a strong healthy business throughout the year you need to continue to market to your existing customers. You have dedicated a lot of time and effort to building the perfect fitness studio, your community is buzzing and you have your clients attention… that is until they’ve finished their class.

So, how do you keep your brand in front of your customers when they have left your studio? This is where your custom branded App comes into its own, enabling you to send personalised and automated branded Push Notifications direct to your customer’s phones. You can not only keep in front of your customers, but you can increase your bookings. In fact, we have seen a 37.2% increase in customer books on customers with the custom branded App by GO Retrieve. To find out more, check out our blog post on increasing bookings and growing your business.

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    Custom Branded Mobile App
    Promote your brand with your very own custom-branded mobile app available for IOS and Android. A great way to keep your brand in front of your clients, allowing them to book and pay for all your classes, appointments and workshops.

    Engage and re-engage
    Send automated and targeted push notifications to remind your clients of upcoming classes and events. Re-engage with clients that have stopped booking with personalised “we miss you” messages. And automatically send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages with a free class if you’re feeling generous.

    Secure Payments
    Online booking and secure payments for your classes, appointments, and workshops any time of the day or night. Create recurring memberships, single and multiple class passes with added incentives.

    Keep your classes full
    With online booking and real-time scheduling, your clients can book your classes on the go. And when a class becomes full they can add themselves to your class waiting list. Automatically send Push Notifications when a space becomes available.

    Recurring Payments
    Create unlimited bespoke memberships with class and appointment flexibility. Automatically create recurring payment collections with a click of a button.

    Staff Check-in app
    Provide your staff with their own check-in registers, giving them instant access to client details. View emergency contact details, health information and more.