Market your fitness studio and turn warm leads into hot customers

How to market your fitness studio to visitors that haven’t left their details.

market your fitness studio

Whether you’re just starting out as a new fitness studio owner, or you’re a seasoned professional, getting in front of your ideal customer can be a little daunting.

You’ve already put a lot of effort into attracting the customers you have and have spent the time building strong relationships with each and every one of them. This face-to-face time is awesome, but it’s also important that you find the time to market to new potential clients outside of your studio, and that’s where GO Retrieve and your Facebook Pixel will help.

Combing GO Retrieve with the reach of Facebook provides you with all the tools you need to focus your social media advertising and market your fitness studio to people who have shown an interest in you, but who have not left their contact details.

That’s right, you can market your fitness studio to anybody who has looked at your timetable but has not left their contact details, that is as long as they have a Facebook account.

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How does this work?

Well first off, you need to create adverts to market your fitness studio within Facebook, not just organic posts, which means spending a little money… hey, come back, we’re not talking about emptying your piggy bank. In fact, you can run a very effective campaign for as little as £3 per day.

To save you from overspending, it’s always a good idea to plan your campaign and set your goals before you create your Ad. This will allow you to think about what you’re looking to achieve from your campaign, yes I know you’re looking to market your fitness studio, but you need to think more along the lines of cost per lead. This is the cost Facebook assigns to each person that clicks on your Ad in relation to the number of people who have seen your Ad. Your cost per lead needs to be as low as possible and will be affected by your campaign objective, your audience, and your budget.

Campaign Objective

Before you go rushing to create your nice new shiny Facebook Ad to market your fitness studio, think about you’re objective. Are you looking to build brand awareness to enhance your reputation and knowledge of your location, or are you looking to promote a new class, or maybe, you’re wanting to promote a limited offer? Your campaign objective will greatly affect how you create your Ad within Facebook, your audience, and your budget. For example, if you’re looking to build brand awarness it may be better to run your Ad over a long period of time with a low budget to create a trickle effect. On the other hand, if you’re looking to promote a new class you may want to create an ‘act now’, short sharp Ad that requires a higher budget with a short time frame.

Creating your Audience

When it comes to creating your audience you need to be hyper-focused to avoid any overspending. Avoid falling into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone, this will not only eat away at your budget quicker than you care to imagine, but it will also waste your time and all the effort you’ve put into creating your Ad.

When it comes to creating your audience think about your existing customers, think about their likes, dislikes, age, gender, location, hobbies, relationships, income etc. OR, think GO Retrieve and your Facebook Pixel, as this will help you to not only target people who have already shown an interest in you, i.e. people who have viewed your Timetable, it also enables you to create a whole new lookalike audience. Creating a new lookalike audience allows you to target potential customers that share the same interests as your existing customers, which allows Facebook to show your Ad’s to people who are more likely to convert to paying customers.

To use your Facebook Pixel with GO Retrieve just click here. Now that you have your Facebook Pixel installed you can start focusing on those potential customers who have already shown an interest in you, turning a warm lead into a hot customer!

What is the Facebook pixel? The Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code that can be added to your GO Retrieve booking system to track customer activity. When someone views your timetable, the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this information back to you. Your unique Facebook Pixel data enables you to track the results of your Facebook ads—and target those customers with customised ads.

Setting a Budget

When you market your fitness studio, avoid the temptation to just throw £100 into your ad and hope for the best. You need to be a little more analytical, after all, you’re not just throwing money away, it needs to earn you more than you put in. Think about what a customer is worth to your business, how much will one new member bring to your business, could that one new customer bring a friend, and how long do you expect them to stay with you? This will help you to gauge your return on your investment (ROI). Now that you have an understanding of your budget you can think about how long you will run your ad. This will be dependent on your campaign objective, is it an ongoing ad or an ‘act now’ ad?

Facebook allows you to set a daily budget or a lifetime budget, and allows you to edit your Ad at any time. It’s important that you do monitor how your Ad is performing to ensure you get the best return on your investment. If you feel that your cost per lead price is a little high, you can tweak and experiment with your Ad content as small changes can make a huge difference. There is no set figure for your cost per lead, but in general, you should be looking to keep your cost per lead in as pence, and not pounds.

Creating your Advert

Now you have the building blocks of your campaign in place, you can now start to think about your advert and how you’re going to visually market your fitness studio. Think about what you’re advertising, is it a promotional offer, brand awareness, or a new class? The product or service that you’re advertising will help you to determine the type of content that you need to produce, this, combined with your knowledge of your audience, will allow you to create an advert that will engage your target market.

Use content that will capture your audience’s attention, use engaging pictures or video that will stop them from scrolling past your advert. For example, a new class may show a picture of the class in action, new equipment in use, or a transformation process. Now that you’ve captured their attention, provide a short text summary to whet their appetite, with a ‘learn more’ link to your website. Doing this you not only helps to drive traffic to your website, but lets you explain your offering in greater detail, showcase your studio, and promote your other services. Where possible you should always try and request your visitor’s details so that you can follow up, but don’t forget, even if they don’t leave their details your Facebook Pixel and GO Retrieve will enable you to easily follow up with additional marketing information.

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