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Building your fitness community is made easy with your Customer Lifetime Value Report.

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As a fitness studio owner you know you’re doing something right when your fitness business is growing through recommendations. They not only help add new clients to your business, but they also help to build a strong community of likeminded individuals.

Whilst recommendations are great, they can often be a little slow. So, is there anything we can do to speed things up, whilst maintaining our community spirit? Say hello to LTV and more like-minded customers…

What is LTV?

We have made it even easier for you to attract likeminded customers with the new Lifetime Value Report. Designed to work in conjunction with Facebooks custom audiences, your Lifetime Value report ranks all your customers in order of an assigned Value. Giving each client an assigned Value allows you to see your most valuable clients as clients with the highest rankings.

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The categorisation of clients by their Lifetime Value enables Facebook to create a lookalike audience, ensuring that your advertising budget is only being spent on potential customers with the same likes, dislikes, and interests as your existing customers. Why is this important… well, it saves you advertising to people that are less likely to be interested, and more like your existing customers; enabling you to continue to build your thriving, happy community!

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Other recent Reports you may be interested to hear about…

Health Report
Whilst you already know your clients, it’s always good to keep an eye on any health changes that may have an effect on their training and performance. Using the Health Report allows you to keep up-to-date with any client injuries, medication changes, and if they’re carrying a little bundle of joy.

Client Credit Report
Making it easier for you to see how many remaining credits your clients have, the Client Credit Report list all of your clients in order of the number of credits they have in their account.

Active Membership Report (Grouped)
Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming keeping track of all your active memberships, this new report groups all your memberships by cost and date of renewal, allowing you to quickly see your most popular memberships and overall income.

All Clients
Whilst you can access all of your Clients via your New Client report, the All Clients report lists all of your clients in a format that you can easily import directly into your chosen email marketing package.

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It’s time to de-stress, free your time, and go beyond just managing your fitness business, it’s time to build your dream.

GO Retrieve gives you all the tools you need to promote, manage, and grow your fitness business.

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Let GO Retrieve help you…

Custom Branded Mobile App
Promote your brand with your very own custom-branded mobile app available for IOS and Android. A great way to keep your brand in front of your clients, allowing them to book and pay for all your classes, appointments and workshops.

Engage and re-engage
Send automated and targeted push notifications to remind your clients of upcoming classes and events. Re-engage with clients that have stopped booking with personalised “we miss you” messages. And automatically send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages with a free class if you’re feeling generous.

Secure Payments
Online booking and secure payments for your classes, appointments, and workshops any time of the day or night. Create recurring memberships, single and multiple class passes with added incentives.

Keep your classes full
With online booking and real-time scheduling, your clients can book your classes on the go. And when a class becomes full they can add themselves to your class waiting list. Automatically send Push Notifications when a space becomes available.

Recurring Payments
Create unlimited bespoke memberships with class and appointment flexibility. Automatically create recurring payment collections with a click of a button.

Staff Check-in app
Provide your staff with their own check-in registers, giving them instant access to client details. View emergency contact details, health information and more.