Thank-you Ice Pole Fitness

Want to find out a little bit more about being a GO Retrieve client? Have a listen to Hayley’s testimonial here!

Hayley from Ice-Pole fitness in Torquay recently took on GO Retrieve to help manage her business … and free her time.

Hayley runs a wide range of Aerial and Pole fitness classes, workshops and private sessions, creating enduring and fun all round body workouts.

With Hayley’s busy schedule she found that she was starting to spend more and more time on the phone answering booking requests and less time with her family. This combined with the need to keep on top of a mountain of paperwork led Hayley to look at GO Retrieve.

Since introducing GO Retrieve Hayley can now take bookings anytime of the day or night without any interruptions; she can also quickly and easily see how her business is performing, and best of all, no more paperwork! “My accountant can login and see all of my transactions”, and with the ability to print receipts and class registers there is no need to worry about keeping track of everything.

Hayley has also commented on how good GO Retrieve’s customer support is and how the online setup was a quick and easy process that allowed her to get up and running without any problems.

When asked if Hayley would recommend GO Retrieve to other fitness professionals she said: “I would highly recommend GO Retrieve, it has given me back my time, I wish I had started it sooner”.

Thank-you Hayely, from all of us at GO Retrieve!

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