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You’ve worked hard to promote your fitness studio, attracting new clients isn’t always easy. And now you have your studio full of bubbling motivated members, it’s time to start focusing on retention.

Customer retention is not only the key to good business, its the only thing that will keep you in business. Let’s face it, we all know how cost-effective it is to market to our existing clients, but are you doing enough of it?

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to internal marketing… after all, you see your clients on a regular basis, right? That may be the case, but when they leave your studio… there’s a hell of a lot of distractions out there! And when you’re focused on helping your clients in the studio, will you notice when one or two don’t turn up?

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You need to keep in your customer’s minds all of the time, keeping them focused on your brand and your community… and this is where your Custom Branded App works miracles.

Using a combination of automation and direct marketing, you can keep your customers focused on YOU. Here are 6-ways you can keep your business in front of your customer’s and your studio full.

1. Automated Reminders

Let’s face it, your customers are busy people and it’s often all too easy for them to forget a class or two… or veg out on the couch after a hard day at work.. grr! To remind them of their commitment, and to give them a little friendly nudge, you can send automated Push Notifications reminders.

Set your automated reminders to land on their phone an hour or so before the start of every class and you’ll soon start to notice the difference… And best of all, once set, you never need to worry about a client forgetting a class ever again!

2. Fill your empty spaces, promote an event, the choice is yours

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of looking at empty spaces in your classes, you’re going to love this. The best way to fill an empty slot in your class isn’t to promote available spaces via Facebook, its to reach out to your customers directly.

Using your GO Retrieve ‘engage’ page, you can send a personalised Push Notification to all your members. Simply add a title, throw in a few emoji’s and create your message… hitting send will have your notification land on your client’s phones within a second or two.

You can use the ‘Send to All’ function to fill class spaces, promote events, or to add a little community motivation!

3. Class cancellation?

It’s not something you do likely, but there are times when you have to cancel a class. This can be a stressful time, not only have you had to cancel but now you have to contact everyone! Do you text, call, or post on Facebook?

How about neither, how about writing a single message, hitting send, and having it land on their phones. With GO Retrieve’s ‘Class Manager’, you can send Push Notifications to all affected class members with just one click.

In addition to cancelling a class, the ‘Class Manager’ is also a great way to send out motivational class messages.

4. Motivating members

Motivating your members is a great way to build your community. But did you know you can send motivational targeted Push Notifications? Yep, you guessed it, using your Custom Branded App by GO Retrieve, you can send ‘direct’ motivational messages to individual members.

Simply select the client you’d like to give your attention to and click the ‘Push Notification’ tab. Create your personalised message and hit send… your Push Notification will instantly appear on your client’s phone. A great way to motivate individual clients that need that little extra attention.

5. Motivating members

Automatically engage with clients that stop turning up
As a fitness professional, you’re an extremely busy individual. Taking care of your clients, running classes, and managing staff can take a lot of your time and attention. And whilst you’re focused on growing your business, it can be easy to miss when one or two clients stop turning up.

With GO Retrieve you can automatically engage with clients that suddenly stop booking. Simply create your re-engagement notifications once, and GO Retrieve will take care of the rest.

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    Custom Branded Mobile App
    Promote your brand with your very own custom-branded mobile app available for IOS and Android. A great way to keep your brand in front of your clients, allowing them to book and pay for all your classes, appointments and workshops.

    Engage and re-engage
    Send automated and targeted push notifications to remind your clients of upcoming classes and events. Re-engage with clients that have stopped booking with personalised “we miss you” messages. And automatically send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages with a free class if you’re feeling generous.

    Secure Payments
    Online booking and secure payments for your classes, appointments, and workshops any time of the day or night. Create recurring memberships, single and multiple class passes with added incentives.

    Keep your classes full
    With online booking and real-time scheduling, your clients can book your classes on the go. And when a class becomes full they can add themselves to your class waiting list. Automatically send Push Notifications when a space becomes available.

    Recurring Payments
    Create unlimited bespoke memberships with class and appointment flexibility. Automatically create recurring payment collections with a click of a button.

    Staff Check-in app
    Provide your staff with their own check-in registers, giving them instant access to client details. View emergency contact details, health information and more.