Custom Branded Apps

There’s nothing more important than your brand, and what better way of showing it than with your very own custom branded App!

custom branded apps

We all know that we can’t leave home without our mobiles, and the same is true for your customers. So, why not make it super easy for them to check out all of your latest classes, appointments, and workshops… with your very own custom branded App!

How does your custom branded App help your clients?
Simple really, your branded App icon, placed on your clients home-screen, is a quick and easy way for your clients to enter your business from any location. With just a few taps, your clients can buy multiple classes, purchase memberships, and book their favourite sessions.

Oh, and we all know how busy the day can get, and how forgetful we can all be, but don’t worry… you can automatically send Push Notification reminders to remind clients of upcoming classes, appointments, and workshops… a great way to keep engaged.

    Instant engagement

    send push notifications

    Real-time scheduling

    real-time scheduling

    Memberships and Class Passes

    buy memberships

    How does your custom branded App help you?
    With direct access to your clients phones, you can have better engagement; send automated push notifications to remind clients of upcoming classes, appointments, and workshops. Send targeted notifications to let customers know about upcoming offers or events, automatically notify clients should you need to cancel a class, and you can even set automated birthday notifications… with a free class if you’re feeling generous!

    And, if you’re having difficulty keeping track of your clients attendance, your App will kick into action and send an automated personalised re-engagement notification to keep them coming back!

    Sounds good, but can I afford it?
    We have two packages that include the custom branded mobile App, the Pro package at £145 per month, and the Team Package at £80 per month plus 2.9% per transaction. Both packages provides you with a custom branded App for Android devices, downloadable from Google Play, and Apple devices, downloadable from the App Store. There are no additional design costs, just the monthly subscription, which by the way has no long term contracts 🙂

    Will it help me get more bookings?
    Let the figures speak for themselves… compared with the first quarter of 2018, on customers that did not have the custom branded App,  to this quarter, where the same customers now have the custom branded App, we have seen and incredible 37.2% increase in total bookings.

    How do I get my App?
    We would always recommend that you complete a 30-day subscription free trial of GO Retrieve, just to make sure that it’s right for your business. At the end of the trial you can then choose to add your custom branded App. At this point we will work with you to create your design based around your logo, brand colours, and images. When you are happy, we start the build process and your App will be available for download within the next 3 to 4 weeks. Your subscription will not start until your App is available to download from the App Stores.

    Have any questions?
    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the best option for you, please feel free to call us on 01803 364040.

    Keeping it simple…

    With our dedicated design team, getting your custom branded mobile App from design to download is easier than you may think.
    In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    custom branded mobile app stage 1

    01. Design

    Using your logo, colours, and incorporating the look and feel of your business into your new App, we start to get our creative juices in full flow…

    custom branded mobile app stage 2

    02. Review

    Its then time for you to review your new App design and provide feedback, this ensures that everything is how you imagined it would be…

    custom branded mobile app stage 2

    03. Download

    We then get busy building and testing your new app ready for uploading to the relevant app stores, your clients can then start downloading and booking!

    Affordable and accessible

    Free with our Pro package, or only £55 per month when added to PAYGO
    Your branded App is available for IOS and Android
    Continuous updates are included

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