Couple workouts, the secret to a healthy relationship at your Fitness Studio.

How working out together is more than just healthy…

couples workouts

We all know the benefits of having a motivational workout buddy to help us push that little bit harder at the fitness studio. But did you know that working out with your partner can hugely benefit your relationship?

You may have had a glance at recent articles by HCM, Yahoo news, and various other outlets surrounding the Decathlon Activity Index. The new report, which surveyed 7,600 adults in the UK revealed some impressive fitness figures. And we’re not just talking curvey bodies here…

According to the Decathlon Activity Index, 43% of those surveyed have exercised with their partner. From this, more than half (66%),  said that it had improved their relationship.

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Better together

When asked which activities were most popular for training together, 29% said the gym. In fact, the report also shows an almost identical split between men and women preferring to workout in fitness studios.

The report also shows that fitness studios are most popular for women aged between 25-34, and men aged between 35-44.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed listed ‘feeling more attracted to their partner’ as one of the reasons it boosted their romance. With 22% saying it helped to reduce their stress.

So, it may be time to switch date night from the local cinema to your local fitness studio… And to make things super easy, with GO Retrieve couples can share their accounts. This means that one person can manage all the bookings of their family members.

To add family members to your account, simply select ‘Buy Credits’ and click the ‘Family Members’ link. Adding family members will enable you to use a single account for all your family bookings.

Helping Family Members

If you’d like to find out how GO Retrieve can help your family members quickly and easily book and pay for their classes… contact a member of the GO Retrieve team on 01803 364040, or request a callback.

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