Our Virtual Classes have been featured in Business News

Bay Software firm’s app brings gym right into your home BusinessLive printed April 1, 2020 - Virtual fitness classes can be accessed via the GO Retrieve app IT’S FIGHT or flight in the fitness business with coronavirus crisis taking hold. But fitness software company, GO Retrieve, based [...]

Pre-recorded and Live-streaming classes for fitness professionals

Pre-recorded and Live-streaming classes for Fitness Professionals Wow, its amazing to see so many Fitness Professionals and Fitness Studios adapting to these unusual times. It’s not easy to step outside of your comfort zone, and for many of us, the thought of standing in front of a [...]

Customer retention made easy for your Fitness Studio

Keeping your fitness studio full, 5-easy ways to keep engaged with your clients… Let’s get engaged! You’ve worked hard to promote your fitness studio, attracting new clients isn’t always easy. And now you have your studio full of bubbling motivated members, it's time to start focusing on retention. [...]

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