Attracting Loyal Clients

You may not have realised it, but from your first class, to where you are today, you have been creating and cultivating your very own brand.

building customer experience

This will have formed around your guiding principles, your personality and your look. You may have noticed that you attract similar types of clients, creating an almost gravitational pull towards to your business.

This is no accident, and it is no different from when you create your friendship groups, you have always been a brand, you just may not have known it.

What is a brand?
A brand is more than just your logo, it is the tone and personality of your business, it stretches across your online presence to the physical environment that surrounds you. It is an incredibly powerful tool that will help to propel you ahead of your competition.

People relate to, and follow brands, for example one type of customer will relate to CrossFit whilst another will relate to Yoga. Both are brands in their own right, each designed and positioned to attract a specific customer type.

When you started your business, branding may not have been at the forefront of your mind. But as you develop and grow, the importance of standing out from your competition becomes more and more relevant. This is often an organic transformation from starting your business to becoming a business, and can be recognised when you start changing your mentality from following the competition to becoming the competition.

It really doesn’t matter what part of the journey your business is on, whether you are just starting out or have already established yourself, you should always take a step back and take an unbiased ‘customer’ view of your branding.


    Building your brand
    From your own buying experiences you know the power of branding, the trust and loyalty that is earned comes not necessarily from the product or service, but from the look, tone, and messages surrounding it… after all a bag is just a bag… or is it?

    Here are a few things that you should consider when looking at your brand

    The first impression: Take a moment to think about your brand as a whole, what message are you trying to get across to your customers, what is your brand promise. Are you looking at helping clients off the couch and into exercise, or are you looking to attract clients that need help to reach another goal? Be clear and consistent with your message as this will help you speak directly to your clients through your marketing material. Whilst we are on the subject of ‘speaking’, think about your tone, are you laid back, funny, corporate or hardcore, the way you communicate will ultimately engage with different people.

    Where are you positioned: Let’s talk ‘positioning’. You started your business with a dream, a goal, a desire to help people. This dream may have been challenged on many occasions, but you have stuck with it, you have dug your heels in and you are here to stay… but where is ‘here’? As you develop your business you will naturally attract different types of clients, this will be down to the services that you offer, your location and price. Finding your position in the market will help you to determine your ideal client, build your community, and identify your competition.

    Looking good: Does your logo represent your brand message, tone, and market position? Does it represent your business in the right way, is your logo clear and easy to read, and does it look the same online as it does on your branded merchandise? It is important that your logo is easily recognisable, it is also important to carry across any colours that you use within your logo to everything that you do. Use your colours to emphasise your brand on your website, social media, merchandise, and in your physical surroundings… be consistent across all types of medium.

    Promote, promote, promote
    Having a brand is one thing, getting it out there is another… Branding is about consistency, building trust, and being in front of people. But how do you do this when you are focusing on your customers, managing, and building your business, where do you find the time? One simple way is to use technology to automatically place your brand in front of your customers, wherever they may be.


    Here are a few simple ways to promote your brand whilst freeing your time.

    Keep your brand in front of you clients wherever they are. According to Ofcom, an average UK adult checks their screen every 12 minutes of the waking day. With your very own Custom Branded Mobile App by GO Retrieve you can keep your brand in your customers mind, giving them instant access to powerful booking, payment and scheduling tools direct from their phones.

    Use automated branded push notification reminders. Never let your customers forget another class, appointment or workshop again. With your own Custom Branded Mobile App by GO Retrieve customers can receive automated branded push notifications direct to their home screens to remind them of upcoming sessions. And for those clients that may have missed a session or two, they can receive personalised “we miss you” notifications.

    Send personalised branded engagement messages. Let your customers feel the love with a personalised birthday message direct to their home screens with your Custom Branded App by GO Retrieve. Set your birthday message to arrive on or before the big day, and if you’re feeling especially generous you can even attach a free class. You can also send targeted branded push notifications to individual clients to let them know of special offers or upcoming events.

    Brand IMPACT
    You + GO Retrieve

    Wow your customers with your very own Custom Branded Mobile App by GO Retrieve, putting you and your brand in their hands. Available from the App Store and Google Play, let us take your logo, colours, and images to create your app.

    We know how hard you work to build your business and your brand, if you would like to find out how GO Retrieve can help, call us on 01803 364040


    Affordable and accessible

    Free with our Pro package, or only £80 per month when added to PAYGO
    Your branded App is available for IOS and Android
    Continuous updates are included

    Pro Package: *£145 per month, custom branded mobile app included, system fee 0.6% per transaction.
    PAYGO: Subscription free, system fee is 2.9% per transaction, add your own custom branded mobile app for only *£80 per month.
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