Marketing to People who have viewed your Timetable

The power of remarketing, and converting those that ‘browse’ into those that buy.

We’ve all done it, we walk into a shop, have a look round, and then leave without buying. But is this any different to your website, or your bookings system… well, YES it is!

With your booking system you can now track visitors who have viewed your schedule, even if they are just ‘checking you out’.

What type of jiggery pokery is this… well it’s called a ‘tracking pixel’ and its used to retarget your Facebook adverts to people that have shown an interest in your Schedule, people who have visited your ‘Timetable’ page. Visitors don’t need to be logged into your booking system, they may just be ‘browsing’. Maybe they have clicked on your ‘Book Now’ button and want to see what you have to offer. The moment they view your ‘Timetable’, Facebook will log them as somebody who is interested in you, and will allow you to target them with your Facebook adverts.

Can it get any better…? Well, yes it can… As most of your clients will view your Timetable before logging in, there data will also be captured. As soon as Facebook registers 100 visitors, you can then create a ‘lookalike audience’, which will enable you to market to potential new clients that may not have heard of you, but due to Facebook’s algorithms will be very similar to your existing clients.

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Can you see this information? I’m afraid not, Facebook keeps this information secure, and uses it to retarget or create lookalike audiences through the mass of data it collects on its users.

Okay, I use Facebook to market my business, but how do I put the tracking pixel onto my Timetable page? I’m glad you asked, it’s pretty straight forward…

First you need to create your tracking pixel. To do this you will need to log into your Facebook business page.

1. Click on the three horizontal dots just below your header graphic and select ‘Ads Manager’.
2. In the top right hand corner of the page, make sure that you have your business page selected, and then click on the cog icon to the right of the bell.
3. On the left of the page you will see a menu, click to expand the ‘Data Sources’ tab, and then click ‘Pixels’. Click the ‘+Add’ button
4. This will display a popup window, enter the name of your pixel, this could be anything, for example ‘timetable pixel’. Click ‘continue’
5. In the next popup window, click ‘Set up the pixel now’.
6. In the next window, click ‘Manually add pixel code to website’.
7. This will then display a new window with your pixel code. Hovering over the code will allow you to copy the code to your clipboard.
Continue with Facebook after you’ve installed your code into your Timetable page (see below).

Adding the tracking code to your Timetable page
Log into your GO Retrieve Admin panel
Click on the ‘Admin’ tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page.
Paste all of your pixel code into the ‘Facebook Pixel Code’ box and hit the ‘Update’ button.

That’s it, your Timetable page will now track all of your visitors and will allow you to market to them through Facebook.

How do I check that the code is installed correctly?
You can do this via Facebook, or you can add a handy Chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser that will show you if the pixel is installed correctly. To install the extension into your Google browser, click here ‘Facebook Pixel Helper’.

Once installed, visit your Timetable page and click on the ‘</>’ icon that is displayed to the right of your Google Chrome address bar (where you enter a web address’). If installed correctly you will see the Facebook Pixel ID.

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